Our projects

The Jewish-Arab Institute of the Histadrut carries out various projects and activities all over the country that are mostly built and based on an ongoing annual activity, which is conducted in different places, and throughout the year. Also, the projects touch all levels of the population, and consist of diverse activities in each given area. Such as: educational activities, heritage and culture, sports, music, competitions, seminars, seminars and more…

Jewish-Arab youth in the south
Jewish-Arab youth in the south, shared life meetings between Jewish and Arab schools, including the culmination day meeting that brings together all the classes from all the schools participating in the project.
Empowering Jewish-Arab women in the south
Three coaching courses – ranging from working and intellectual women in society to disadvantaged women meeting in empowerment workshops and providing tools for personal and social development and empowerment.
Jewish-Arab youth in the south
Shared life meetings between Jewish and Arab schools including the culminating day meeting that brings together all the classes from all the schools participating in the project.
Arab Jewish women's forum in Emekim
Successful joint diverse activity for about a decade, International Women’s Day, workshops/seminars and formation days.
Ramadan feast in the north
With senior officials and heads of the Arab sector, employees of the Nin local council, and dozens of participants from Afula and the surrounding area.
Activity between Maranana and Tira schools
A joint educational-cultural activity, which includes face-to-face meetings, sports activities, music and more…
פעילות ספורט למען דו קיום
משחק ההכתרה של מכבי חיפה הוקדש למאבק בגזענות. כחלק מהמאבק בתופעה, הירוקים והמכון היהודי ערבי בהסתדרות הכללית החדשה ערכו טקס מרגש לפני המשחק.
המכון היהודי-ערבי מבקר חיילים פצועים מהמלחמה
Visiting wounded soldiers from the war
Just before the start of the new civil year, Jewish and Arab representatives from the Arab Jewish Institute next to the Histadrut, visited dozens of soldiers wounded from the war, in the rehabilitation department at Tel Hashomer Hospital, heard their stories, hugged, strengthened and gave gifts to the many warriors.