About the institute

The Jewish-Arab Institute of the Histadrut was founded in 1984 by the General Histadrut. This institute was established as an expression of the need to deepen understanding, tolerance, and coexistence between the different ethnic groups and citizens of the country. The institute is located in the Beit Berel complex in Kfar-Saba in the center of the country and in the center of southern and rural Sharon in the Arab triangle and accompanies the process of forming the relationship between the two peoples which encourages enlightened and progressive thinking patterns. As part of the extensive activity of the institute: building and developing cultural and academic relations with cultural and higher education institutions in the country and in other countries of the world, including the Arab countries; Initiating and organizing cultural and folklore gatherings in collaboration with artists from all sectors; organizing joint meetings of public figures to learn about the cultures of the two peoples in the country; Encouraging entrepreneurship and holding seminars and seminars on economic issues for the development of small industry in the Arab settlement and the development towns.

The institute also works to promote the status of working women in the Arab sector by holding meetings between Jewish and Arab women and with the participation of women from the Palestinian Authority and Arab countries; encouraging business entrepreneurship among women; Encouraging women to integrate them into management and day-to-day activities in the Israeli economy.
All this and more, the Arab Jewish Institute next to the Histadrut operates among teenagers.The institute initiates many activities such as: tolerance and prevention of violence and racism in sports fields, organization of youth meetings from Israeli youth movements in collaboration with Palestinian youth from neighboring Arab countries and organization of competitions between youth and students from Jewish and Arab schools on issues of peace, society and economy.