CEO's words

The Jewish-Arab Institute, Shadi Kaplan

The State of Israel is a multicultural country and has many religions, different and similar.
An ancient region where every religion has an extensive history and belongs to the place.
In my vision as the CEO of the Arab Jewish Institute, as a person who pursues peace, who believes in a complete faith in shared life, the institute, through its many activities, is designed to connect people, between Jews, Muslims, Druze, Christians, Ahmadis and Circassians between all races and all colors. In my view, the meeting The direct, is the most important step in removing barriers, deepening tolerance, breaking stereotypes and connecting individuals and groups in Israeli society. The institute under my leadership accompanies the process of forming the relationship between the peoples and encourages enlightened and progressive thinking patterns, building and developing Jewish-Arab cultural ties, initiating and organizing joint folklore meetings , to the knowledge of the other.
The institute continuously holds seminars and study days, which deal with coexistence, brotherhood and other activities to strengthen the fabric of Israeli society in its many shades.

As part of its goals, the institute works to strengthen the status of women in society and their integration into the labor market, in a respectful discourse, in preventing violence on the sports fields and bringing hearts together. As the CEO of the Arab Jewish Institute, I made it my goal to operate in a variety of settings and among many diverse populations, but with a focus on the youth, the future of our country.
In my opinion, the meeting, the connection is a very important part of socializing even at a young age during the education phase. The institute under my leadership has set itself many challenges, and we will strive to achieve them fearlessly and with complete faith because we have no other country.

Shadi Kablan (40), a resident of Beit Jan, is married and has two children.

An academic with a master’s degree in business administration and organizational consulting, a graduate of a special unit for combating serious crime in the Israel Police, and an advisor to the Minister of Internal Security, Amr Bar Lev.

מנכ״ל המכון היהודי-ערבי, שאדי קבלאן